Barge, yacht, sailboat: living on a luxury boat

Living on a pleasure boat is the dream of many people around the world. While some boats are modest in size, others offer luxurious living conditions that are particularly comfortable. Discover now the advantages of these prestigious boats where it is good to live!

Luxury boats: life in a castle... on the water

In contrast to the market for boats for professional use, the recreational boat market offers leisure craft that place the comfort and safety of passengers above all else. In France, this market offers a wide variety of boat models, some of which are currently very popular among customers seeking excellence in service. France is one of the market leaders thanks to its history, its nautical culture and the extensive network of its ports and maritime industries. Offering a very high level of comfort, luxury yachts are today redoubling their inventiveness to offer boats with high-performance technological capabilities. On a yacht, a barge or even a sailboat, passengers can enjoy ideal living conditions. One reason why many buyers now want to spend a large part of the year on the water. To improve their comfort and ensure optimum safety, these luxury vessels offer, in addition to the exceptional services, the presence of a crew in the small care. Enough to relax on the water and enjoy the most beautiful landscapes!

Luxury boats: what are the most popular models?


The luxury yacht is undoubtedly the most luxurious pleasure boat. And the largest: the largest yacht in the world is more than 180 metres long! Originally, there were two types of luxury yacht on the market: sailing yachts and motor yachts. Today, the term is mainly used to refer to a motor yacht. From 7 metres in length, a boat can be described as a luxury yacht. However, popular yachts are usually longer than 30 metres: a 40-metre unit is sometimes referred to as a super-yacht and a vessel over 50 metres long is sometimes referred to as a luxury yacht. Super-yachts and luxury yachts like those available at for instance are very luxurious and look like great floating palaces. They offer a multitude of services and equipment: sports halls, discotheques, cinemas, SPAs, swimming pools (indoor and outdoor depending on the model), conference rooms, submarine tender (on the most prestigious ranges).


Initially, barges were river freight vessels adapted to the Freycinet gauge. The first models had a wooden hull but little by little, the constructions became metallic. Freycinet barges traditionally measure 38.5 metres long and 5.05 metres wide. Today, some barges have been converted into pleasure craft for leisure or living purposes. These boats offer a comfortable interior and allow you to live on rivers all over the world.

Sailing boats

Sailing boats are the most popular pleasure craft in the world of navigation. First means of medium and long distance transport, today they are elegant and prestigious boats used by all sailing enthusiasts. The top-of-the-range models also meet the requirements of buyers in search of excellence. The Yachting department of the Michaƫl Zingraf Real Estate Group offers a wide range of yachts and sailing boats on the French Riviera, both for sale and for charter.
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