Sailing yachts

Barge, yacht, sailboat: living on a luxury boat

Living on a pleasure boat is the dream of many people around the world. While some boats are modest in size, others offer luxurious living conditions that are particularly comfortable. Discover now the advantages of these prestigious boats where it…

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Our tips for a successful charter of your yacht

The growing dynamism of the yacht charter sector, also known as “charter”, has led to a broad democratisation of this type of holiday for private individuals. As a result, many new yachtsmen have opted for this idyllic form of tourism….

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What kind of boat for an unforgettable cruise?

This year, do you feel like going to the sea? Would you like to discover a new destination along the water? However, you have a question: what type of boat should you choose? To help you make your choice, here…

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How to choose the right cruise ship?

When we think of cruise, we think of destination and cruise line. But there’s one central element to remember, without which your cruise simply couldn’t take place! You will spend a lot of time on it, this element will quickly…

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What are the different types of boats on a cruise?

Small or large ship, number of cabins and passenger capacity, or the diversity of activities and shows on board, choosing your boat before leaving is a key step. How to find your ideal boat for your cruise, deciphering. You are…

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