When we think of cruise, we think of destination and cruise line. But there's one central element to remember, without which your cruise simply couldn't take place! You will spend a lot of time on it, this element will quickly become your home at sea. You guessed it, we're talking about the... cruise ship, of course! Whether this is your first cruise or whether you are a regular sea or river traveller, we will guide you in choosing your cruise boat. We can distinguish three types of cruise boats:
  • Small boats
  • Medium boats
  • Big boats

Small Cruise Boats: personalised travel and conviviality

Smaller cruise boats have a surface area that makes it easier for you to find your way around. They have a capacity of between 100 and 1000 passengers. This small number makes you guess several advantages (or disadvantages depending on what you're looking for, of course). First of all, you are far from mass cruises and will see few people during your trip. You'll never feel "caught in the crowd" and won't suffer from being in crowded places. As a result, you will always come across the same travellers: in a week's cruise, for example, affinities are created and friendships are quickly made! The result is a very friendly, almost family atmosphere that prevails in all the common areas. The staff members know your tastes and habits. So it will be hard to go unnoticed on the decks of your boat. Also, small boats, by definition, have fewer activities because they have less surface area. For example, there is often no area reserved for children, due to lack of space and staff. Often, small boats belong to the fleets of luxury cruise lines. Therefore, this should be taken into account before booking.

Medium cruise boats: balance at sea

These in-between ships are those that can accommodate up to approximately 3000 passengers on board. More passengers, more space, more activities, more entertainment options, while keeping the human dimension that is so popular on small boats: this seems to be an ideal compromise for your cruise! When cruising on a medium-sized ship, you can enjoy your peace and quiet and still be able to hang out with your friends whenever you like. The large areas allow you to have a more than correct passenger/space ratio. On board medium ships, personalization is the order of the day, while letting cruise passengers enjoy a wide range of interesting entertainment, more diverse than on small boats, and less eccentric than on large ships.

Large cruise ships: choice, world and diversity!

Large ships are these titans of the seas, sometimes more than 300 metres long. Between 3,000 and almost 6,000 passengers can board large cruise ships: as many as a small village! And that's really what happens on board: a real small town, with its many attractions and an incredible surface area. Be careful not to get lost and get organized if you want to take the time to do everything! One of the major advantages of big cruise ships is that you will never get bored! These giants of the oceans are doubly inventive to thrill young and old alike: sports fields, 3D cinemas, water games with slides, areas dedicated to children and youth clubs, surf simulators, climbing walls, skating rinks... As you can see, large cruise ships are thoughtful and more economical choices for groups of friends and family. However, you should expect a less precise and personalized service than on small boats, because of their large capacity!