What kind of boat for an unforgettable cruise?

This year, do you feel like going to the sea? Would you like to discover a new destination along the water? However, you have a question: what type of boat should you choose? To help you make your choice, here are a few of the boats we have on offer... Here are a few of them!

Multi-hull motor boats

Catamarans are the best known multihull powerboats in the world. Indeed, nowadays, more and more tourists are choosing this type of boat for its stability, space and speed. But that's not all, this type of vessel also ensures total passenger safety. Indeed, it is unsinkable! In addition, they are fuel efficient, very practical for island to island trips and long cruises.


In the past, sailboats were designed for commercial cruising, a boat without a motor, built in wood. Today, they are now equipped with engines, built in iron (therefore lighter and faster). It should be noted that sailboats can have different capacities, from the smallest to the largest, which can accommodate several dozen people.

Cruising Yachts

The yachts offer all the comforts of a recreational cruise ship: casino, swimming pool, shops, fitness center, marble bathrooms, furnished minibars, multimedia... And that's not all, among the amenities offered on board, you will have heating, air conditioning, water heater... In search of luxury cruising, the yachts are perfect for you. You should know that they can embark more than 100 passengers.

Classic ocean liners

Note as an indication that the classic ocean liners were built between 1950 and 1969. They were designed for transatlantic voyages or other ocean crossings. Cruise ships are still sailing today and tempt many tourists. These ships can accommodate from 600 to 1,000 passengers with a tonnage of 20,000 to 30,000 tons. They are among the largest ships on the planet.
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