Yacht charter in Greece

With more than 2000 islands and endless coastlines, Greece has always been equated with the sea and navigation. Add to this the expertise of the professional team luxury charters, who each year inspect a fleet of yachts, and experience your dream private cruise to this sumptuous destination.

The luxury charter

In the Mediterranean, there is a huge choice of cruise boats. For more than twenty five years we have been exploring cruising destinations and attending boat shows to inspect luxury well-designed yachts and meet owners, captains and crews. You can visit www.prestige-yachts.com for more about a yacht design. This allows us to always be the best informed for our clients and to offer them the boat best suited to their needs. You can choose the perfect luxury yacht to suit your cruising requirements, and together with your captain, we will help you prepare your personalized itinerary and the best stopovers to ensure your full satisfaction. Yacht charter agencies provide the best selection of motor or sailing boats to idyllic destinations around the world. Custom-made to your personal preferences, with a captain, crew and chef at your disposal at all times, the cruise will be relaxing or adventurous at your convenience.

About Yacht Charter in Greece

The Gulf of Salamis, the Cyclades, the Dodecanese, the Sporades and the Ionian Islands...Here are cruise regions of exceptional beauty are ready to unfold before you. Hundreds of islands, magnificent beaches, small traditional ports...each place is unique and has something to offer. The Cyclades: The perfect postcard...Villages with blue and white architecture, enchanting islands, pristine white sandy beaches and sparkling turquoise waters. They are also exposed to the strong wind, the Meltémi, in July and August. Ionian Islands: The most popular with the quietest waters. They attract those who wish to experience a pleasant cruise, with more predictable winds. They have beautiful beaches and traditional harbours. The Dodecanese: Full of history and traditions, it has archaeological sites dating back to antiquity, medieval monuments and a multitude of beaches spread over islands that extend to the visible part of Turkey. The Dodecanese is the largest island in the world, with a population of over 1,000. These islands are sometimes subject to very strong winds. The Gulf of Salamis, the Argolic Gulf and the Peloponnese: This region has protected anchorages. Navigation is easy and distances are short. Although located very close to the bustling Athens, you will feel far from all the hustle and bustle: the islands are beautiful and the pretty coastal villages are peaceful. The land is covered with pine trees and there are beautiful bays. The Sporades: Off the beaten track, these islands in the north-eastern part of the mainland offer an exceptional wilderness with beautiful beaches, lush vegetation, rocky landscapes and sparkling blue waters.

Climate in Greece

Greece calls you back tirelessly for different charter experiences in a climate suitable for cruises 7 months of the year (April-October). The months of July/August are the height of summer with temperatures that can exceed 30°. This period also corresponds to the summer holidays, which means that marinas are quite crowded and it is difficult to get the luxury yacht of your choice (the most popular boats will have been booked a year in advance). You should also be aware that some regions have a wind season. For example, it will be preferable to avoid cruises in the Cyclades in July/August because of the Meltémi, which is extremely strong at this time.
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