Sailing along the 'Turquoise Coast' on your boat from Bodrum to Antalya, you will discover some of the most crystal clear and historic waters in the world. From ancient forts to quiet coastal villages, from dense pine forests to arid rocky mountains and desert creeks, there is stunning natural beauty and websites so old that you'll realize how young you are.

About cruises in Turkey

The ideal leeward cruise from Bodrum to Gocek takes seven to ten days on a luxury Turkish schooner and the one to Kas, Kalkan and Antalaya takes twelve to fourteen days. This cruise has a pleasant mix of open spaces, historical websites, towns, villages and restaurants. A seven-day cruise will focus on the main sites, taking you either on a circular itinerary from Bodrum to Bodrum or along the coast from Bodrum to Marmaris, or from Bodrum to Gocek in Fethiye Bay, or vice versa, and will take you to the main sites on the website.

The schooner

The Turkish schooner is a traditional wooden sailing boat with engine. It is descended from the ancient ships that have sailed across the Aegean and Mediterranean Seas for thousands of years. Today they are built with much more precision and carry high-tech nautical equipment: they have air conditioning, excellent chefs and a crew that provides attentive hotel services. Among the hundreds of schooners for charter, it is important that you choose a knowledgeable professional operator who regularly visits Turkey to inspect the schooners and meet the crews to select luxury yachts that meet your expectations. Visit for more information about luxury yacht and flybridges. Once or twice a year, a member of luxury yacht charters personally visits Turkey to see the boats and meet the owners, captains and crews. We are therefore the best informed about the level of service offered on board each luxury schooner. Our speciality is to select the boat that best suits your budget and the level of comfort required. We therefore need to know your specific requirements in order to offer you the solution that suits you best. Enjoying your cruise with family or friends is an authentic pleasure. Our fleet offers an excellent range of schooners and the best crews specially selected for the clients. Turkish schooners are ideal for families and groups of friends and vary in size from 17 to 50 meters (larger and more luxurious schooners are built every year). Accommodation varies from three to eight cabins, each with different layouts and en-suite bathrooms, and most with a master cabin and an assortment of double or extra-wide beds and luxury double-bedded cabins. The level of comfort and service is remarkable and always provided with real attention. In addition to being qualified and highly competent, your captain, head chef and deck staff will provide you with an efficient and discreet service.

The area

The Carian and Lycian coasts of southern Turkey stretch from Bodrum in the west to Antalya in the east. These names come from the ancient civilizations that inhabited these regions and whose trade nodes still appear on our routes today. Although much of the coast includes vast mountainous areas punctuated by small inhabited areas, some areas are now heavily populated. Over the last thirty years, Turkey has undergone unprecedented development in the region, changing its character incredibly. The waterfront on the shores of Bodrum and Marmaris has been filled in length with hotels and white summer houses lining up in rows on the hillsides of sun-drenched suburbs. Bodrum and Marmaris have not only become tourist cities but also charter centres in Turkey. Here schooners, traditional cruise ships, line up along the quays of the port.

When nature meets history...

At the crossroads of East and West, Turkey presents itself as the largest open-air museum in the world. Some of the world's greatest civilizations spanning 10,000 years have left traces of their existence here, which today stand alongside some of the world's greatest technological achievements. From ancient forts to quiet coastal villages, from dense pine forests to arid rocky mountains and desert creeks, there is stunning natural beauty and websites so old you'll realize how young you are! Fortunately, a sea trip can still take you to remote and wild areas in the deep gulfs along the coast. Your itinerary can take you to secluded coves and anchorages, small coastal villages, and ancient cities such as Knidos, Kaunos, Myra, Olympos, and the catacombs of Lycian cities.