Do you need a license to charter a boat in Split?


Located on Croatia's Dalmatian Coast and one of the preferred tourist destinations for those visiting the Adriatic Sea, Split has long been known for its liveliness. The largest city in Split-Dalmatia County is positioned between the mountains and the sea. In addition to its architecture and beauty, it draws a lot of admiration from the surrounding areas making it a perfect go-to destination for those seeking a weekend trip and a gateway because of the islands found in its proximity. And with just one trip aboard a boat, it is possible to experience some of the Mediterranean's beautiful sites, historic havens, watersports hotspots, and hidden beaches.

But what should be considered before renting a boat in Croatia?

Types of Rentals

There are usually many factors at play when it comes to boat rental and choosing the right one. Some of them include the type of rental, type of boat, owner, accompanying equipment, and the boat itself, whether certified, electric, or a boat without a permit. All information relating to this can be found online. Instructively, the type of rental is also influenced, to a considerable extent, by the number of days, whether you need a skipper or not, and importantly, the budget.

For a one-day rental, the options available include having a skipper on board or going it alone. Along the way, this one-day event will be the starting point for scenery such as the secluded bays, turquoise waters, and natural wilderness.

To charter a boat for one week or longer is a bit different. There is a wide selection available from motor yachts, sailing boats, catamarans, and cruising gulets. The boat types also include crewed rentals and bareboat. Also, spending a week or more in the Adriatic Sea naturally presents breathtaking places to visit. Top among the most exciting routes is that from Split to Dubrovnik, which is a one-way route. Through this, visits to sites like Korcula, National Park Mljet, Hvar, and Pearl of Adriatic – Dubrovnik are made possible.

Best Times to Charter a Boat in Split

Usually, the holiday season for sailing in Split runs from April to October. Between July and August, the price goes up by around 20% as there is a lot of demand. Anytime outside these months will be comparatively cheaper. Furthermore, the summer months tend to be very hot, with highs of up to 30s. As a result, the sea is also warm at about 25 degrees Celsius. Significantly, being aware of the local weather forecast for the next 24 hours goes hand in hand with sailing. Therefore, whether it is a sailboat or a yacht, including a skipper who can advise and make recommendations for the best times and different routes in case of bad weather is extremely necessary.

Do you need a license to hire a Yacht or Boat in Split?

As it is shared, the thought that is propagated most of the time is why should a tourist bother trying to secure a license while there's a workaround to this? Before rushing to rent a boat with a skipper, it should be understood that the process of getting a license is not complicated. Of course, having a skipper on board accrues some advantages, like having a professional who is familiar with the boat and the ability to maneuver the waters.

The main point here is that for a yacht rental in Split, a license is not required for small speedboats, skippered, and crewed yacht charter. On the other hand, for a bareboat charter, a license will be required, and the accepted ones include: The International Certificate of Competence, the American Sailing Association, US Sailing, and Sail Canada.

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