The growing dynamism of the yacht charter sector, also known as "charter", has led to a broad democratisation of this type of holiday for private individuals. As a result, many new yachtsmen have opted for this idyllic form of tourism. Like any new experience, this activity can raise many questions. Below you will find various tips to make your boat charter a success.

Sail or motor, which yacht will suit me best?

Above all, a sailing yacht offers outstanding sailing comfort and a feeling of total communion with nature. You will be able to glide peacefully on the waves from one destination to another while watching with interest your experienced crew handle the sails and the helm. The motor yacht usually displays a very high level of elegance and sophistication in your luxury cruise. They are also faster and can accommodate a larger number of passengers depending on the length of the boat. However, it will be necessary to take into account the fuel costs (estimated at between 30 and 40% of the charter price) when drawing up your budget.

What you need to know to choose the yacht best suited to your needs?

The choice of your boat will depend primarily on the number of guests on board. For example, for a couples trip, you will prefer a yacht with large cabins and conversely, for a family trip with children, you will go for a boat with more cabins equipped with double or bunk beds, but with water games for entertainment. Our charter experts will guide you in your choices as soon as they receive a departure briefing including at least your dates (or periods) of use, the number of guests and your sailing area or the desired embarkation and disembarkation points. It is important to note that maritime law generally only allows a maximum of 12 people on board (some yachts offer larger capacities under certain conditions).

What are the keys to optimizing my charter booking?

The charter of a yacht is a privileged moment, the success of a cruise cannot leave any place to chance, it is therefore very important to anticipate as much as possible and to book your charter as soon as possible. A reservation made well in advance of your stay will ensure you a maximum of choice in defining your boat, your crew and your possible options. It is necessary to provide as much information as possible about your needs and expectations to our charter experts.

Can I use a jet ski as part of my yacht charter?

Ideal to enrich your cruise, the use of jet skis is possible under two conditions : You must have a valid licence in accordance with local maritime laws. You must sign a release with your charter expert.

Can a yacht charter be cancelled in case of bad weather?

The assessment of the weather remains a subjective criterion which cannot lead to the cancellation of your charter, only "cases of Force Majeure" can be used to cancel a charter. In this case, the client will have the possibility to postpone his cruise by determining new dates subject to the availability of the yacht.

Are there any costs to be expected when preparing my cruise?

In order to cover your expenses on board, the owners usually ask for an advance on your expenses, commonly called "A.P.A.". (advance provisioning allowance), of the order of 30% to 40% of the amount of your charter, this advance is only an estimate, the captain will keep you informed of the balance of the A.P.A. as the charter progresses. At the end of the charter, we will balance the accounts and close the balance after confirmation from you.

What are the rules of application of VAT for your yacht in charter?

For yacht charters, the prices shown are always shown exclusive of VAT. (excluding taxes), as the inherent VAT rate will depend on the place and country where you take delivery of the boat. Concerning the reception and the boat on a yacht in European waters, a VAT will always be impacted on the charter price. This may not apply to charters outside the European zone. Our charter experts will be able to provide you with precise information according to your desired itinerary.

What is the legislation applicable to my yacht charter?

In terms of law, the boat is subject to the laws applicable to the territorial waters in which it sails. In the event that the boat ventures into international waters, it is subject to the laws applicable to the territorial waters in which it sails.

What legislation applies to my yacht charter?

In terms of law, the boat is subject to the laws applicable to the territorial waters in which it sails. In the event that the boat ventures into international waters, then the law of the country in which the boat is registered and whose flag it bears will apply.