How do you pack your suitcase for a cruise?

Preparing your suitcase for a cruise is somewhat different because of the limited space you will have on board. Wondering what to take with you for a perfect vacation at sea, while respecting the environment and minimizing your impact during your stay? Then follow the guide, we have prepared a list to help you prepare your suitcase for a cruise.

The essentials

Here are the essentials to take with you on your cruise:


Soft travel bags or backpacks that fold easily. A waterproof bag to protect things that are not waterproof such as camera, phone, wallet, etc. If you don't have one, consider a zippered bag, which will provide the minimum protection you need. A beach bag to carry your... beach stuff and yes! A security pouch: for your important documents and money.


Think you won't have much room to store your stuff in the boat. You will of course need to take with you:
  • A swimsuit and light beach clothes that dry quickly.
  • Shoes or sandals with non-marring soles and good grip (even though you will often be barefoot on the boat.) As well as swimming shoes to protect your feet from corals.
  • A beach towel.
  • Sunglasses and a hat or cap.
  • Waterproof and light clothing to protect you from wind or rain if necessary.
  • A warm top or coat for potentially cool evenings if your cruise is in Europe at the end of the season.
Also to put in the suitcase for your cruise: A sun cream (preferably oil-free and reef-safe), mosquito repellent, lip balm, travel size toiletries, seasickness pills or patches if needed, earplugs and night mask if you have light sleep and your medication with their prescription. Find our practical and complete list for the perfect cruise suitcase!

How to prepare your suitcase for an environmentally friendly cruise

There are many things you can do to minimize your impact on the environment during your cruise. Between smart shopping and new habits, let us guide you to prepare an eco-friendly suitcase easily.

The reef-friendly sunscreen

The number one priority is to respect the sublime corals that populate the seas and oceans where you sail. Every year, between 4,000 and 6,000 tons of sunscreen end up in the oceans! We now know that the chemical filters contained in conventional sunscreen directly attack corals and act as endocrine disruptors in male fish. The solution? Get a reef-friendly sunscreen that does not contain oxybenzone or octinoxate. These sunscreens are often identifiable either by a phrase or a logo, as the manufacturers highlight this very good point.

The beach bag made of recycled sail

Yes, you can also minimize your environmental impact by choosing a beach bag made from the sails of boats that are no longer used for sailing. These sails that have been separated from their sailboat accompany you back out to sea, and that, in addition to being eco-responsible, is also very poetic. We love it! From the Atlantic coast to the Mediterranean, more and more brands offering these bags are getting into the adventure.

The reusable water bottle

Another essential to put in your eco-friendly suitcase is the reusable water bottle (like the modern versions at Qwetch or Gaspajoe for example) to hydrate throughout the day without consuming disposable plastic. They come in all sizes and colours. Some are even isothermal or can be attached to your bag with a carabiner. In short, you're spoilt for choice! To go even further, don't hesitate to get stainless steel or bamboo straws to sip your favourite cocktail while minimizing your waste.

Find eco-responsible brands

In general, find out about the manufacturers of objects that are part of your everyday life. More and more brands are taking environmental protection to heart and are developing eco-friendly clothing and products, as well as programmes to safeguard the environment. This is particularly the case for Patagonia, which is doing its utmost to reduce its impact on the environment at all levels of the production chain. The brand also guarantees its products for life, donating 1% of its sales to help numerous environmental associations around the world. As a cruising enthusiast, the protection of the oceans must be close to your heart and preparing your suitcase with your environmental impact in mind is the first step towards a change that can accompany you on a daily basis. While we wait for these changes to take place on a society-wide scale, wonderful initiatives are emerging to clean up the oceans.
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