Croatia is a southern European country that is nowadays very popular with tourists and especially with boaters. So, what could be better than luxury yacht charter to discover this country, its coastline and its islands in complete peace and quiet and in unequal comfort?

Luxury yacht charter, the ideal passport to discover an exceptional heritage

Croatia is a country which, at first glance, is characterised by its long shape extending from the eastern end of the Alps to the Adriatic Sea coast. But its specificity lies in its situation as a crossroads between four major cultural areas (Slavic, Venetian, Austro-Hungarian and Pre-Romanesque) to which it owes its unique architectural and artistic heritage. Add to this its island treasures and unspoilt wilderness! In short, it is a paradise for the yachtsman who, thanks to a luxury yacht charter, will be able to discover at his own pace and according to his desires this Eden which is reaching out to him.

The countless wonders of Croatia in a different way

Croatia is the top destination for boat enthusiasts for several reasons. Its crystal-clear waters, beaches and numerous islands have charmed people in search of beauty and unique olfactory and tactile sensations. In addition, the Croatian coast has preserved its authenticity without giving in to the sirens of concrete. As a result, it remains intact, wild and lush, as do its islands (Dalmatia, Korcula, Hvar or Kornati for example). All these treasures are now within easy reach thanks to the creeks or the numerous recent and very well equipped marinas where you can moor without constraint on board your private luxury yacht.

The private luxury yacht or the combination of comfort and freedom!

A luxury yacht charter for a dream holiday in Croatia is now possible! Due to the opening of Croatia to mass tourism, there are now many high-end yacht charter companies. This has the main advantage of making the charter rates attractive. Whether you are a couple, with friends or family, you will find easily and for the duration of your choice (from one day to more than a week) the luxury yacht that meets your expectations. The services at your disposal are varied and the formulas, relatively flexible, include a crew that, in all discretion, will satisfy your every desire (choice of meals, drinks or itineraries). In addition to this, the comfort of these boats and the feeling of freedom that emanates from them! So don't hesitate any longer and let yourself be tempted by a luxury yacht charter for an unforgettable holiday in Croatia!